Today’s Method of Transportation 

There is something so fun about transportation without seatbelts, you feel like you’re breaking all the rules. Transportation without even optional seatbelts, now that is living on the edge, literally, because usually when there are no seatbelts is when you’re hanging on for dear life. 

I had to get from one end of Ovalau to the other, and since the hurricane had knocked out the good roads, the only vehicle that could do it was a very large truck, like one of those ones they use for transporting soldiers in World War 2 movies.

Honestly, the road didn’t seem that bad, but I think when the regular cars looked at it, they all went “You must be kidding me, I wasn’t born in Africa.”

Everyone piled into the truck, along with all their goods for selling at the market in Levuka (the old capital of Fiji), kids scrambled up front for the good view and we all held on to the seat with the death defying grip so as not to cause a landslide of people falling out the back.  

The only way I could have been happier is if the truck had got stuck in mud and we had to push. 

The back of truck in front of us

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