A Word on Beds in Cheap Asian HotelsĀ 

More words on most beds in cheap asian hotels:

Sleeping in the bed feels like you paid for a cheap massage and didn’t read the fine print that says “conducted by novice three legged cow”

My head is currently on something that can best be described as “sandbag”

*This is definitely not meant to represent all hotels or all beds, this came after a frustrating night of tossing and turning whilst having a cold -so apologies if I sound like “The Princess and the Pea”

The pain

When You Think Your Dreams of Being a War Correspondent May Actually Come True but Then They Get Dashed 30mins Later

Aljazeera is reporting that the Cambodian prime minister has given Laos an ultimatum: withdraw the troops that crossed into our border within six days, or face the consequences. 

Troops and rocket launchers are standing by, or to use a phrase of the week, are “locked and loaded.”

Six days is pretty much when our group of naive backpacking tourists armed only with cameras and highly deet-ized mosquito spray, are set to cross the same border. 

As the news flashed on my phone, visions of rocket launchers danced in my head, along with “Breaking News” bulletins from the “frontline” from any news agency that wasn’t covering the Trump-Kim Jong Un measuring contest. Pulitzer prizes dangled in front of me as an article about unsuspecting Western tourists caught in no-mans land that caused an international incident pretty much wrote itself. 

But, it was only a dream. Quickly soon after, the two heads of state held an in-person meeting and diffused the situation. You see, Laos has been upset that Cambodia has been building a road so close to the border, so they sent 30 troops over to monitor the situation. Cambodia was not pleased. I’m not sure how the situation was diffused, but there was a joint press conference telling everyone not to worry. 

Ah diplomacy, it’s been so long since I’ve seen your face, I almost didn’t recognize you without a Twitter handle. 

The Similarities between a Lady Boy Show and a Muay Thai Match

When you think about it, Lady Boy shows and Muay Thai have a lot in common, and not just “location, location, location!”

  • Both art forms are only done by the young, skinny, flexible, in-shape sort
  • Lady Boys have heels on their feet, Boxers get heels in their face 
  • Boxers dance along to snake charming music, Lady Boys dance using other kinds of charms
  • Both appeal to men who drink a lot of beer 

Oh No, You’re One of Those Angry Feminists

What happens in hostels ends up in blogs…

The conversation was going so well, in fact it was the first real conversation I’d had in weeks (and it was with a cute and age appropriate guy): gun control! the Electoral College, John Oliver versus Seth Meyers, favourite movies, but then somehow it turned into “Oh no, you’re one of those Angry Feminists” followed by, “Darling” (with a “calm down” hand pat) and then a, “Don’t darling me” and the bonds that were beginning to be spun came undone like a rope holding an anvil that drops on Wile. E. Coyote 

The undoing was all about Bonds, James Bond. We slightly disagreed over who should be the next one; he thought Tom Hiddleston and I am firmly in the Idris Elba camp. And then, because we had just discussed the new Dr. Who, the conversation veered into the possibility of a female James Bond. 

I am of course, pro, a female James Bond. He was not against women spies or women action heroes, but he was against a woman named James. And you see, since the character is apparently entirely “name based” it is simply impossible to have a female James Bond. 

The following is an abbreviated exerpt of when the conversation went wrong:

“But, there are women named James – it is definitely now one of those names that can apply to anyone…”

“I’ve never heard of one”

“Well there are, and even if there weren’t, you could just create one…hey look, Blake Lively and Ryan Reynold’s have a daughter named James”

“Oh no, you’re one of those Angry Feminists” (shakes head)

“???!!!!!” (Steam may have come out of my head)

Now I realize that there are many arguments that people could come up with for not having a female James Bond – do women even like martinis of the shaken, not stirred variety? Are women good enough drivers? Philanderers? – there might be 99 (inane) reasons, but a name ain’t one. 

“Darling, can you at least concede that there are names that are just meant to be male and names that are meant to be female?”

“Don’t Darling me!” (Definitely become slightly irate)…. it only takes someone to break that mold and then that distinction no longer applies – at one point I’m sure Ashley or Robin started out only as male names, but are now used for both”

“But the world hasn’t changed ‘James'”

“It has, but even if it hadn’t, it doesn’t mean it can’t be done!”

“Yes, but now is not the time”

“But, progress! You don’t wait for the “right time”, you just do it and let the world catch up”

“Well, I hope that there will be a female James Bond in my lifetime, but I doubt it”

Let’s just say the mood got a bit frozen after that, cause I just couldn’t let it go…

What exactly is an Angry Feminist? And why does it seem like such a insult?

The friendship that went “splat”