Best Cure for a Hangover: Hiking

Guys, last night was epic. Epic in the kind of way where I lost every pool game I played (4) including the one where people said I had it in the “bag”. Epic in the kind of way where I switched from rum to beer and couldn’t remember whether that was good or bad. Epic in the kind of way that involved a bit of a dance floor and a lot of stepping on toes. Epic in the kind of way where watching CCTV footage of me having to break back into my lodge by rolling over a cement wall is probably very funny. 

All this epicness obviously lead to a slight hangover. 

The new, “guaranteed to work so well that pretty soon tour groups in Colorado will be offering all day beer tasting followed by all day hiking of the Rockies” way of curing a hangover? Hiking. 

This is guide tested, guide approved and guide suggested. I reccomend at least three hours over different types of terrain (keep the mind focused on staying balanced and less on wanting eggs and potatoes). 

Tsitsikamma National Park: Otter Trail

And, as an added tip, just from me, if you find yourself at a waterfall without a swimsuit (everyone else but you remembered to pack one), feel free to jump in with your cargo pants. Not only does this act as an insect and man repellant, but it also provides for extra hydration while walking and will surely cure any hangover. 

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