This Time Last Year

This time last year I was frantically packing in the most minimalist style possible: pair of shorts, seems to weigh too much, just roll up the cargo pants instead, is a long sleeve shirt really necessary or should I just be liberal with the sunscreen, do I need a camera or will my phone zoom be miraculously in reach of everything?

This time this year I am packing up everything I own – which like my horizons, is now exponentially bigger (than my bag). 
For a year I rolled around a small backpack and a “suitcase” (it transforms into a big backpack – but really, at my age, anything with wheels is useful). 

My bag and I had a ton of adventures, we’ve ticked off enough countries to fill out a Bumble profile and seem “worldly” (don’t worry, I will not be touting that information).

I’ve had a year of going from ocean depths to mountain heights, of meeting people from all walks of life, who made me laugh and made me cry, and made my life infinitely better. 

And now I am packing heavy boxes full of “clothes” and “kitchen equipment” for a place I don’t have yet. 

At the end of the week, I’ve got a flight to Los Angeles, where, after a year of my heart expanding, it’s time for my stuff to expand. 

Happy New Year Everyone, here’s to brand new adventures! 

Luggage: Green Bag awaiting to board

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