I Started My Day in a Pool, but Not Just Any Pool

This morning at 9:30am, whilst scrubbing a bear pool, I fell in, straight into the very questionable bear juice.

You know it’s questionable when it is filled with corn kernals, which based on my new expertise (cleaning up after bears) is something that they seem unable to digest. 

My newly laundered (must be worn tomorrow) clothes went for a rinse cycle in the brown slim. 

So, now, eight hours later my feet have been stewing in a puddle of sketchiness, and my body has been marinating in a flavour combination not favoured by humans. 

If you don’t hear from me next week it’s cause I caught a disease or have gone all Spiderman and turned into a fruit eating, giant claw possessing hairy furball. 

I slide straight into that
Future, more vegetarian me

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