Update: Operation #savethenail

Like so many NGOs that valiantly tried and failed to keep a country together, Operation #savethenail failed to keep this person together. 

After two months of hoping that My Kinabalu had merely claimed my spirit and my ability to  walk down stairs like a normal person, I have to face facts – it also broke my body. 

The civilan led effort of “Googling home remedies” and constantly applying iodine only succeeded at delaying the inevitable – my toenail, bruised from hiking downhill for 12hrs, is about to peel off. 

Currently loosely held together on the left hand side, the nail now flaps about a bit in the wind, and flutters around in the water, which feels a bit like a fish is nibbling at my toe. 

The nail will make its last stand in Cambodia, so while My Kinabalu can definitely claim it as a victory, the actual body will be claimed far away from its jagged edges. 

Rest in Peace, nail, thanks for keeping it together  this long- hopefully I treat your offspring a little better. 

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