Tea Making Time: Brooklyn v. Queens

Hello from the Cameron Highlands in Malaysia: a magical place where tea gets made. 85% of the tea grown here stays in Malaysia, but I did learn about tea-making in general and for those of you that live in Brooklyn or Queens, I’ve written down the instructions that (stereotypically) would be most interesting to you:

If you live in Brooklyn, and wear plaid and a winter hat during the summer:

  • Hand pick a lot of young leaves 
  • Wither them, surround them with hot air, reduce moisture level by at least 30%
  • Roll them around for a bit, crush them

Suddenly these instructions are sounding a lot like a to-do list for a Brooklyn lothario. 

  • Age them with fermenting, what was once young and green turns brown and old
  • Dry them out
  • Sort them by leaf quality
  • Put them in a pretty package 
  • Charge twenty dollars per packet at an outdoor food event.

If you live in Queens:

  • Buy tea bags from grocery store
  • Put tea bag in mug
  • Pour hot water into mug
      Tea! (No longer hand picked)

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