A Modern Telling of the History of Singapore: Kids Edition

There once was a colonial power named Britain.

They had fish, they had chips, and they had a lot of ships. 

So, they sailed far and wide, no one could hide. 

In the East they found spice; just a slice could save their dreary life.

However, there was competition for seas; the colonial powers were such busy bees.

And so, before an agreement was reached to go Dutch with the Dutch,

A man named Raffles who maybe liked waffles,

Proposed a new shore, named Singapore 

Setting it up wasn’t much of a big chore, 

And in 1819, she joined Her Majesty’s Team.

For about 130 years, there didn’t seem to be many tears,

And then there was a World War and the Japanese took Singapore.

Occupation wasn’t much fun, for anyone. 

When the Allies defeated the Axis, the British knew it was time for take-backis.

But it was also 1945, and their Empire was about to take a dive.

In 1963 Singapore and Malaya formed Malaysia, but their union was a form of dysplasia.

In 1965, the divorce was finalized and Singapore was finally, realized. 

The economic power house

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