Suggestions for a Night Out in the Rainforest

Feel like spending a wild Friday night in the rainforest? 

Is it the end of Ramadan and you feel like getting down in the jungle to the beat of Malaysian karaoke? 

Well then, first, you’re going to need to some help getting dressed:

  • Shoes: Wellies are most appropriate for doing the electric slide in mud
  • Socks: Leech socks are absolutely essential, basically stockings that come up to your knee and fasten with a bow, you’ll be the kind of fashionable that won’t come home with any univited guests 
  • Trousers: long, you’ll need both your dancing legs
  • Shirt: long, see note above about univited guests, leeches like to hang out on the tips of leaves, so modesty is definitely key
  • Jewelry: a head torch, making friends in the dark often leads to next day regrets

Just who are you going to meet when you’re dressed head-to-toe in clothes?

– chilling frogs!

– flying lizards!

– sleeping birds!

Okay, so the animals will not be very impressed by the karaoke happening a couple of meters away, and they may not be the best company on a Friday night, but they have really hard day jobs. 

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