Malls in Asia Will Never Die

Amazon and Alibaba may be taking over the world, eradicating Malls and enabling us never leave home again, but Malls in Asia will never truly die.

Why? Because, Air Conditioning and Food Courts. 

To survive in Asia you need to enter a mall approximately 5 times a day (there are plenty), and while you may just need to use the bathroom, your skin needs longer than that to cool down – so, you browse, or you end up at the Food Court, and these aren’t your sad versions found in the US, you know, the kind with the Panda Express and the suspiciously addictive, but definitely disgusting orange chicken, these Food Courts are vibrant places of gastronomic commerce, complete with real plates and cutlery (and people to pick them up).

So, the world maybe changing, we may soon get our groceries via drones, but in Asia people will be interacting with each other for a long time. 

The Food Court in the basement of Lot 10, in Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur, Thursday 9pm.

People (the photo doesn’t look crowded, but it enjoying the AC in the mall next to the Petronas Towers, Wednesday, 2pm

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