If I Didn’t Hate #Blessed, I Would Say I Was #Blessed

The last two days have been EPIC, and so here are my top line notes

Thoughts whilst swimming with turtles

– Turtles in a half shell sounds like a dish at a gastropub that is trying too hard

– Is the song “turtles in a half shell” or “turtles in a hard shell”?

– Turtle skin looks like “tortoise shell” sunglasses

Thoughts whilst swimming with reef sharks

– I wonder how I get out my retirement money

– Should I consolidate my retirement accounts?

Thoughts with whilst swimming with manta rays

– These move fast

– They are like big black crows, oh Game of Thrones starts in July 

– More like a stealth bomber 

– They can go 60kpm per hour, which is approximately 55kmp faster than I’ve ever been able to go

Thoughts whilst swimming with whale sharks

Photo courtesy of Ana

– I’m keeping up with a whale shark! (It’s 8 meters long and I feel approximately the same size)

Keeping Up with Whale Sharks would probably be less popular than Keeping Up with the Kardashians, but could maybe the the next thing in slow TV.

– I’m no longer keeping up with a whale shark

– Whale sharks can dive up to 1800 meters (recorded), but can probably go up to 3000 meters which is insane 

Also spotted: blue whale (largest known animal to have ever existed), humpback whales, dolphins, and a family of dugons…

Thanks for all the fish….

Life is freaking good 

PS: Western Australia marine life is way better than the East Coast.

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