Isn’t it Ironic?

Today, I:

– lost my sunglasses

– discovered that while American malls are crumbling into haunted buildings soon to be used for a photographic coffee table book called, “America: When We Shopped Outside”, malls in (at least this part of) Australia are doing okay

– also doing okay, the CD (not the bank kind) sections 

– realized that even in a mall, finding a case for sunglasses is nearly impossible, a problem that is alleviated when realize, you’ve lost your sunglasses 

If I could write songs, today would be a perfect addition to Alanis Morrisett’s, “Ironic”

It’s like trying to buy a case,
When you’ve lost what goes in,
It’s like looking in the mirror
And seeing the past,
It’s like going to a store
Instead of clicking on a link
Isnt it ironic? Don’t you think?

RIP glasses, you were the best

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