Things You Learn on the Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb 

1. There is a reason that “onsies” have not caught on as global “one size fits all” “acceptable outside the house” fashion trend.

Not my picture. I did wear a suit and I do have a picture of it, but it’s not fit for outside consumption.

2. Walking up 1500 steps is “not bad”

3. 1,400 men worked on the Bridge, 16 died, so while many things in Australia will kill you, bridge building is not really one of them.

4. One worker who fell off the bridge did survive: during the 3 second fall he turned himself into a straight pencil, went in feet first and tried to cover his ears. He broke a couple of ribs, and was back at work in three weeks – for his bravery he earned a gold watch. 

5. The Bridge is 134 m high, which is same height as the Nevis Bungee in New Zealand.

5. After nine years of construction, the Bridge opened in 1932.

6.  One million people (the approx population of the whole state of New South Wales) came for the opening ceremony. The ribbon was supposed to be cut by the Premier of New South Wales, but like most politicians, he was not beloved by everyone. At the ribbon cutting moment, a man on a stolen horse, wearing a stolen military uniform charged the stage and swashbuckled the ribbon, proclaiming the bridge open for the people. He was arrested, the ribbon was tied back together, and the ceremony went on. 

For a country made up of “criminals” that story really didn’t have the ending I thought it was going to have. 

7. Everyone should do the Bridge Climb, it is beautiful up there, and if your nose runs when it’s cold – they provide hankies.

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