Good Ideas for Non-Award Winning, but Popular-ish Movies Starring Will Ferrell and Helen Mirren

​Master of Games 

Will Ferrell stars as lovable underdog Mitch who, bereft when his wife leaves him for an ex-Olympic medal winning athlete, feels the need to prove his manhood by signing up for the World Masters Games: held every four years, the global event featuring 28 sports, stipulates that anyone over 35 can sign up for any sport, no qualifications necessary. 

Previously only passingly good at the weekly Simpsons Trivia at their local bar, it will take everything Mitch has to train, compete and ultimately win back his wife’s heart (fittingly with a bow and arrow since he chooses to compete in archery)

Based on: Auckland is currently hosting the World Masters Games and one of my roommates was about to compete in Tennis, she was 60 and assured me (which the rules back up) that you need not have played tennis to compete in tennis at the World Masters Games. Why on earth are these not broadcast ??

The Birthday Retreat 
Helen Mirren stars as Annie, one of seven women who have converged on a tiny  remote island  in Fiji to celebrate a 70th birthday.

Unfortunately, they do not have the lodge to themselves, one loan 36yr old woman happens to have booked the same place. 

The women, mostly grandmothers decend to give the stranger advice on life: over card games, walks on the beach and swims in  the ocean, scandals are revealed, old wounds opened and truths discussed. 

Based on: my last three days on Nananu-i-Ra.

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