You Know You’ve Been Travelling Too Long When…

We decide to eat lunch, at a time we know is about lunch time because we are hungry (except for obeying bus schedules, time is now a relative concept).

Our table fills up with other people and these other people start talking to each other. 

Nessa and I look at each other, we both have no idea how these people know each other: 2 Indian men, 3 Asian women, and 2 white men, all different ages. 

It sounds like a start of a joke, “7 people walk into a bar, one orders…”

In our heads we are both playing a multiple choice game:

A) tour group

B) tour group, but not a backpacker one

C) tour group?

We think, they must be part of a tour group? We’ve been travelling so long, the only explaination for people hanging out seems to be “tour group.” (“Friends” doesn’t even get considered).

They start discussing Game of Thrones, and how it’s so great cause it’s so unpredictable, the “main character dies in the second episode”

“Ninth” I interject 

And boom, we have our opening, “how do you guys know each other?” Curiosity bubbles out of our deadlocked brains…

“We work together, on Fridays we all come here to have lunch, so sorry if we’ve disrupted your lunch break”

“Haha don’t be, it’s all a break”

You know you’ve been travelling too long when it didn’t even occur to you that it was Friday and that people still worked…Or that they took lunch breaks.

Note to any spy agencies – don’t hire people with “backpacker brain”

Christchurch’s Re: Start Container Mall food truck area

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