Ferg vs. Devil: The Queenstown Throwdown

Everyday in Queenstown there is a Jets vs Sharks, Rumble in the Jungle, East Coast versus West Coast type battle that occurs between two burger joints: Fergburger vs. Devil Burger. 

Patties get voraciously consumed while stopping for breaths to say “Ferg wins!” Or “Devil Knows Best!”

In order to decide which logo we’d be loyal to, we needed to a taste test. 

These burgers are too big to eat back to pack, so we tried to create similar scenarios for an apples to apples comparison (science):


  • Consumed: Friday
  • Exercise before hand: one game of frisbee golf and a 2.5hr walk up Queens Hill
  • Time of ordering: 5pm
  • Wait time till food: 10mins (Ferg is constantly packed with lines out the door, but we timed it after the lunch rush and before the dinner rush – genius) 
  • Ordered: Tropical Swine: beef patty, grilled pineapple, lettuce, tomato, onions, aioli
  • Drinks: bottle of wine, water
  • Eating Location: Hostel Terrace
Fergburger: Tropical Swine

Devil Burger

  • Consumed: Saturday
  • Exercise before hand: 42km bike ride 
  • Time of ordering: 4:45p 
  • Wait time till food: 10mins
  • Ordered: Dark Knight: venison, portobello mushrooms, kumara hashbrowns, lettuce, tomato, onions, aioli, tomato/cranberry relish
  • Drinks: water
  • Eating Location: Queenstown Beach
Devil Burger: Dark Knight

The Verdict
For me, Ferg is the winner – they had more delicious meat. 

With it’s plethora of ingredients, the Devil Burger is kind of a like the stereotype of a man going through a mid life crisis: buying expensive toys and hoping that “hey baby, want a ride in my Ferrari?” distracts from the fact that they are just a tad insecure about their (grilling) ability.

Not to sound like a purist, but a good burger should behave a bit more like a guy in his mid-upper twenties: still willingly to put in an effort where it matters, still enough of a man-child to be playful about ingredients and toppings, but unwilling to go overboard due to sheer laziness and a need to eat immediately, and simple enough that everyone can enjoy. 

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