Conversation Topics of Half Matured People

Five “adults,” one toddler, at least 15 bottles of wine and seven penguins are sharing a house for a week. (Slight amendment, there is also a dead snake and possibly some live ones, along with a visiting Mongoose)

Current reccuring topics of conversation:

– to have children or not to have children

– different types of snot that children produce and the creative ways they deal with them (ie: what comes out the nose goes in the mouth)

– ethical vineyards, why are they not marketing fair labor practices?

– Donald Trump possibly being banned from meeting the Queen, and possible reactionary tweets 

– Tinder etc profile dating guidelines. This one is me explaining the basics to the four married adults: saying yes to a “stand-up comedian” means you’re probably getting a man-child, if someone messages you something and you’re not sure what it is, don’t google it, your phone doesn’t need those cookies and your imagination works just fine. 

– googling the things mentioned above that we shouldn’t google. Realizing we’ve turned into our grandparents and are actually very old fashioned (doesn’t stop us from coming up with branding ideas for such things)

– how to make the penguins happy, sad, mad. If we play the “I Like to Move It, Move It” song, will they join us for a dance? No. 

Let me think about it, no

– Alternating between singing Paul Simon’s Graceland and that “Love Lifts Us Up Where We Belong” song 
– how much wine is left and where can we bring it with us

Editor’s Note: this was not supposed to be the post today, I was planning on doing something on the penguins, but they would not corporate. 

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