Adventures in Non-Adulting: Dinner at a Restaurant

It’s our second to last night volunteering and we decided to celebrate by going out for dinner. Turns out everyone got the “dress up a bit” memo but me,

Current outfits:

Ebin: jeans and checkered shirt

Petra: slacks and decent looking hoodie/jacket

Denisa: jeans, fancy top and lipstick

Me: way-too-baggy cargo pants that I am seriously debating giving up on (I don’t think a belt will help the crotch issues), a t-shirt that has been stretched beyond belief in a month, and hoodie that doesn’t match. Accessories: red backpack. Hair: finger brushed.

I don’t think I’ll ever be a successful adult. I look like I am colour blind.

I even brought a 1.5Liter water with me, to which Petra said “why are you bringing water”, “so I don’t have to buy it…”, “I don’t think they will let you in with it”, “that’s cool, I’ll put it in my backpack and see what happens”

I’m going to live type this:

– the restaurant has “estate” in the name and there are nice, clean cars outside 

– they have sushi on Thursdays 

– ahh the decor is all white and there are multiple chandeliers. I’ll stick out like an ink blot that someone didn’t realize was on their face.

– oh they are fully booked for tonight – rejected 

– try number two is “restaurant, deli and bakery” and cars are not clean.

– Fake wood tables! And Cher playing the background, I can totally deal with this, I do not have to turn back time right now !

– there is a bacon and banana pizza, this place has a menu that matches the way I am dressed 

– I just ate half a pound of rare steak as though it were a bowl of cereal. Winning. 

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