Johannesburg: City of Gold (and now food)

​Aka: Mo’Money, Mo’ Problems

Johannesburg was founded in 1886 after surprise, surprise, some people found gold and the city sprung up in a matter of weeks.

We all know what happened next – the city boomed, finally the world got mad about Apartheid and imposed sanctions, businesses moved out to a new suburban growth spot, the city fell into decline etc etc

Today the city is once again growing (there are a lot of abandoned buildings that are just waiting to be turned into luxury apartments)

Probably one of the number one ways to attract up and comers to an area? Food Halls (and funky design stores). Oh and fancy coffee shops, there are so many coffee shops 

In the past week I’ve had more coffee and more wine than when I was working (which says something- I guess this is why there are a lot of unemployed alcoholics)

Neighbourgoods is on Saturdays in Braamfontein and Arts on Main is on Sundays in Maboneng – both have food from all over (paella, curry, sushi, beignets, cevapi and alcohol)

Who wouldnt want to eat this fried chicken?
No joke, this totally drinkable wine was only $1.50

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