South Africa: Some Sad Bits

If you come here you have to spend time learning about the sad bits too (cause while we know we are pretty much doomed to repeat history, at least you can be the arrogant one who says “I told you so”)

Some things you learn at the Apartheid Museum and Constitution Hill

– Apartheid started in 1948 because segregation failed and apparently everyone suffered from short term memory loss when it came to World War 2

– basically a huge reason for Apartheid was that the white people were losing jobs 

the “coloured” jails were set up to be degrading as possible: showers were outside, and with up to 2000 people, and only 8 showers it meant that if you were low on the totem pole you only got to shower once every 2-3months, also NO toilet paper was given. So the smell was terrible and people got very, very sick

– the non-white inmates also got far less food, and what they did get was substandard 

– Everything finally ended in 1994 with the first free election (Mandela was released in 1990 and negotiations to end apartheid started in 1991). People lined up for over a kilometer to vote

 – since then there is a Bill of Rights (#1: no one may be discriminated against on grounds of race, gender, pregnancy, marital status, ethnicity, social origin, colour, sexual orientation, age, disability, religion, conscience, culture or language)

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